As an artist, it is difficult enough to release new music without having to pitch and promote your songs on Spotify and social media daily, and searching for contacts of influencers and playlist managers for hours. And sadly, it doesn’t matter how amazing your song is, or how many months you have been working on your album. If you don’t have the numbers, people will not be interested in it. The numbers, of course, means your listeners and streams on Spotify, and your followers and views on social media.

We help you find new listeners on Spotify, and to grow on social media such as Instagram or YouTube so that you can focus on what you are best at: recording and releasing new music.

Spotify promotion campaigns

We have collected our own industry contacts in the couple of years that we’ve been working with artists, and have a huge collection of playlist manager contacts that we work with. We will pitch your song to playlist managers which will help you find new listeners and get more streams. We also never spam playlist managers, but only accept music that we are confident will get featured, and provide them donations if they accept your song.

Instagram & other social media campaigns

Before people trust a brand, they want to see social proof on social media: How many followers you have, how many likes you get, how many people have watched the video of your new song. It can be difficult to promote your songs on social media, and to grow on Instagram. Instead of worrying about what hashtag is going to be better for your post every day, let us worry about your social proof on Instagram for you. Because of our experience in PR, we can help you with branding on Instagram and YouTube. We will research those hashtags for you, and promote your account so that you can find new listeners on those services as well.

Become an authority in your niche

When playlist managers consider whether or not they should feature your song in one of their playlists, you‘ll want your Spotify and social media accounts to stand out and to be as professional as they can. The more listeners you already have, the easier it’ll be to convince playlist managers that your song should be on their New Music playlist!

Submit your song to now. Please understand that we cannot work with every song, and that we are picky as to what music we accept. This is because we listen to every song first, so that we know what playlists it would fit in.

Please Spotify links only. SoundCloud links are OK if your music isn’t released yet.