Puma Punku Records was founded as a boutique online studio providing production, demo production, mixing and writing services for artists. We do not sign artists, although we have worked as a label for a number of artists and still offer label services for independent artists.

We offer PR campaigns that will help you find new listeners. We pitch your music using our methods that we tested, and using our own industry contacts so that your music will be featured in more playlists. We also promote your music on social media, find hashtags for you, and show you how you can attract new followers. We also offer full campaigns over 4 weeks including Spotify playlist placements, branding, and social media.

We view ourselves more as a PR service rather than a pitching service, which is why we will also work with you to help you with branding, pre-save campaigns, finding opportunities to find new listeners outside of Spotify, connecting with influencers who will share your music, or growing and finding new listeners on social media. We do not focus on reviews or press.