What we do

We pitch your music and help you find more listeners!

Independent and unsigned artists sometimes pay more than $ 1500 for a PR agency which then fails to actually deliver more Spotify streams or new listeners. They tell you that they will pitch for you, get your music reviewed on blogs, and help you get more streams on Spotify, but after the campaign, you are left with only a handful of new listeners on Spotify – if any.

Why work with you?

We offer campaigns that will actually get you new listeners. We pitch your music using our methods that we tested, and using our own industry contacts so that your music will be featured in more playlists on Spotify. We also promote your music on social media, find hashtags for you, and show you how you can attract new followers. While doing all of this, we usually charge less than a typical PR agency. Our campaigns begin at as little as $160 and usually are between $300 and $1400 depending on how many streams you are looking for. We also offer full campaigns over 4 weeks including Spotify playlist placements and social media.

How are you better?

Our approach works because we focus on PR that will actually get you new listeners and an increase in streams, views, and followers. So, you will actually be able to see the results of our campaigns in your Spotify for Artists analytics and on social media.

We view ourselves more as a PR service rather than a pitching service, which is why we will also work with you to help you with branding, pre-save campaigns, finding opportunities to find new listeners outside of Spotify, connecting with influencers who will share your music, or growing and finding new listeners on social media. We do not focus on reviews or press.

We will only accept your song if we are confident that it will be accepted by Spotify playlist managers, so please submit your song and a link to your socials to contact@puma-punku-records.com.